Mudd Application Process

The Mudd application process is actualy pretty straight forward. The form has 7 parts and most are pretty straightfoward or even just checking in boxes. Starting with personal data, you ten check off which classes you’ve taken that are a part of core, and which classes you’re currently taking. Then you find the classes you want to take and this is by far, the most time consiming part. After that comes foreign language experience if you’re doing language intensive, and then your personal statement. Some signatures and a couple faculty recommendations and boom. Application’s done.

By far the most frustrating part was getting the courses approved and making sure that any classes that could count towards graduation requirements or major requirements would actually transfer correctly. As an engineering major I definitely had to take more time on the course selection since there is a petition process. Since you get ABET accredidation when you graduate, the courses that you want/need to take abroad needs to be approved. Studying abroad as a second semester junior meant that I needed to find an E102 elective. When I asked my advisor, he said to just look for any engineering course that had the word ‘control’ and send him the syllabus as most of those usually counted. Always remember to have one or two backups just in case to. Then you fill out the student petition, wait to hear back and that part is done and you can then get the signatures required from your advisor. The HSA section is way more straightforward since you just need to go to your HSA advisor and get them to check off, let them know the classes you plan on taking and how that is going to work out with your concentration, then they sign off and you’re done.

Warning: Make sure you get the credits correct!

Personal statementwise… I found this extremely easy. I was super passionate about where I wanted to go and I knew why I wanted to go there. Writing it made me feel extremely repetitive though since I feel like I’ve shared it so much already but it was nice to have the thoughts written down instead of just spoken.

After you get all the signatures, faculty recommendations and everything else you need, just turn it into the Office of Study Abroad (OSA) and they’ll send you an email when the SA board approves your application. Mine took about a couple of days since they only review on certain days when they have meetings. Once you get the ok, you can then start the application process for your study abroad program. Or if your program deadline is around or before the Mudd application deadline, you do have the ok to start the process even if you haven’t heard back from Mudd.


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