CIEE Application Process

This post is coming after the Mudd post even though I finished the application before the Mudd one. All you have to do is go onto the CIEE page and create an account. Then you add an application and it walks you step by step.

On their website, you have to submit general information, upload a photo ID and passport information, a personal statement, academic information and such. Then Rhonda helped with the home school nominationand any advisor task. You also have to send through snail mail your official transcript. Pay the $30 fee and then wait for a response.

Oh! I lmost forgot. CIEE also requires a faculty recommendation. They say you can either have the professor submit a letter or they have a little form the professor can fill out.

On their site, CIEE helps you with filling out the Yonsei Online application as well since you have to enroll in the school itself too so that walk through was pretty nice.

I’m really not sure what else to add. The application was pretty straightforward….


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