Hearing Back From Everyone

I think my reaction to being accepted into my desired program was my most excited reaction towards any news (even over being accepted at Mudd… sorry!). I had received a call from the CIEE office in Maine 1-2 days after I turned in my application. In the beginning, when I saw that the caller was from Maine, I was like, oh boy, I must have forgotten something on the application and they are calling me to tell me to turn it in. I did not expect them to have such a fast turn around for their applications.

Either way, I was so happy that week because I heard back from both CIEE and Mudd and got the ok for both within 2 days of each other.

11:37 am. Oct 2. Such a fast turn around. Officially accepted into CIEE Spring 2015 Seoul Arts and Sciences Program!

9:36 am. Oct 3. Also a fast turn around. Approved by Harvey Mudd College to go abroad!

Guess who’s going to South Korea 😀

Even though I had heard back from both, there was still a part of me that couldn’t believe it. I called Dad and said out loud “way to burst my bubble” when he didn’t pick up the phone (I had forgotten that he was in Korea for a business trip at the time). Ran into Rhonda’s office and was bouncing off the walls (she said “I knew you would”). It was interesting because everyone believed that I would get in, but hearing it from friends and hearing it from them give such a different feeling (no offense guys!).


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