Class Selection and Registration

Class selection is something that I had to do as part of the original application process but it was definitely a little harder  since I couldn’t see what classes would be offered for this coming semester. It was still pretty straightforward though and the portal at Yonsei has the ability to filter by english taught courses and by college/major.

Cool fun fact: Spring semester in Korea is considered the first semester of the school year.

As an engineering major I had to pick classes that could count for credit and would help with fulfilling major requirements. Something that was super awesome: finding an E102 elective was actually fairly simple. I had to talk to my professor and ask him what would count for an alternative. The answer: most engineering courses that contain the word “control” in the title. So all I did was search for control and find classes in the engineering department. After gathering a list of classes and their syllabi I had to request a petition through the engineering department to get them approved so that if I were to take those classes, I know that they would count for credit (this process was also part of the Mudd Application Process).

In terms of non STEMS classes, I thought about what I was interested in, then went through to see if it was taught within the last year. If it hadn’t I crossed it off my list, if it did, I kept it on to see if it would be approved by my HSA advisor. CIEE also offered a course called Intercultural Communication and Leadership course that uses discussions and cultural engagement activities to promote personal leadership, cultural self-awareness and such. It actually sounded pretty interesting and I decided that if I could fit it in my schedule, I’d go for it.  In the end, a lot of the final decisions boiled down to what I was required to take and what I could fit around that.

My final schedule turned into Korean Language everyday for 2 hours in the evening, the E102 alternative (Mechanical System Control) twice a week, an engineering tech elective (Antenna Engineering) twice a week and Korean Philosophy once a week, kind of like a super hum. Total credits: 15, and it corresponds roughly with the Mudd system which is nice. The program only allows us to take 15-18 credits. Unforetunately (or maybe foretunately) for me, I couldn’t get another 3 credit class to fit within my schedule.

Something that I need to remember… in order for them to count as credit back at Mudd. I need: a B or higher in the two tech courses, and a C or higher in the two hum courses.


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