The Woes of Packing

Need I say more? I’m pretty sure the title is self explanatory. Packing is always such a chore. Everyone gets all excited about leaving and all the stuff that you are going to do and buy and experience, and so packing is never on the forefront. But we have to do it. Maybe I’m just a little too meticulous when I pack, or maybe it’s how I’m indecisive, but I always put off packing until the very end.

The way I pack:

1. Look at the recommended list.
~~ 2 weeks later ~~
2. Look at my closet.
3. Pull out my suitcases.
~~ 4 days later ~~
4. Generate my own packing list.
5. Make it specific.
6. Dump clothes into the suitcases.
7. Decide it’s too messy so take everything out and fold it but leave it on the floor.
8. Crosscheck clothes on the floor with my new packing list.
9. Put clothes in suitcase.
10. Add and remove clothes.
~~ 2 days before I leave ~~
11. Last minute shopping!
12. Place bags in suitcase but don’t pack properly.
~~ 1 day before I leave ~~
13. Pack things more nicely,find missing items, but leave things out and about.
~~ Day that I leave. ~~
14. Get all the gifts and such for friends and people in korea.
15. Finish packing but don’t weight it.
~~ 2 hours before I leave ~~
16. Maybe we should weigh the pags to make sure they aren’t overweight.
17. As you walk out the door, run through the list in your head and grab last minute items and stuff them in the little pockets and empty corners.
18. Get everything into the car and off we go. 😀

My dad is under the firm belief that it took me a full month to pack…  I’ll just say I’d been talking about packing for about a month….


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