Flight and Dorm Arrival

I’m finally in Korea!!

The flight was pretty long (13hrs and 20 mins) but it wasn’t terrible and I got to watch some movies that I’ve been eyeing for a while. I flew Asiana Airlines, and it was actually pretty cool. Each chair had it’s own little entertainment screen and remote that is made out game console style if you decide to play any of the games that exist on it (Tetris for the win!). We got three meals: 2 larger meals and one fancier snack. The first was 2 ish hours after takeoff and we were given the option of steak or bibimbap. Of course, I got bibimbap. The second was some time during the middle of the flight and they gave us toasty sandwiches with ham and cheese. The third was 2 ish hours before landing and we were given the option of penne pasta with marinara sauce or chicken with rice. I don’t know if it was just that my expectations of plane food is that low, or maybe I’m just so used to the dry chicken we get around campus, but that chicken was super juicy. They also gave little tubes of gochuchang (hot pepper paste) with the bibimbap and also if you got the chicken and rice since Koreans really love their spice and gochuchang. I didn’t use mine for the rice so now I have a little tube of hot pepper paste if I ever want to use it in the future. 😀

Sleep was not something I did a lot of, but I did get a little bit here and there. I played quite a bit of tetris and watched Big Hero 6, the Boxtrolls and a couple of episodes of Phineas and Ferb. Having seen Big Hero 6, I decided to watch it in Korean with English subtitles, so that was rather refreshing. The Boxtrolls is super cute. The art took a little getting used to but the storyline is really awesome.

Random Side Note: the bathrooms had one time use toothbrushes and mouth gargle, that was pretty interesting.

Getting off the plane and through immigrations wasn’t too bad. The line was kind of long, but even still it was only a 30 ish minute wait, and if you can find the fast line you can cut short that time too. They scan your fingerprints and get a photo, then it’s a stamp on your visa and you’re through. Nothing to declare and so once I picked up my bags I was out of there.

Met up with a couple individuals assigned with taking a group of us on the same program to campus and then it was an hour drive from there.

Interesting tidbit: Ask for a subway map at the airport, I’ve been told they are the ones with the best and most extensive english translation (not that I took a super close look when I grabbed mine).

Arriving at the dorm, we had a check in and received a card and a bundle of linen. The way the system works is that you have to use your card at a gate that lets you in and out of the actual section that has the rooms, and the card lets you into your actual dorm room too. Once you go to your floor and scan, one of the cards needs to go in the card slot so that you can use the lights, in that regard it’s almost like a hotel. We all get a double, but I’ll explain more later when I’m not as tired.

I had to put all the bedding together. My pillow is stuffed with straws, but once you put the cover on it’s actually not too bad. Mine just seems a little overstuffed and I’ve never been one for super high pillows. The bedding was a bit of an adventure. I had to differentiate the mattress pad with the stuffing of the duvet, but once that was figured out placing the mattress cover wasn’t terrible. Stuffing the duvet only took time, because I ended up getting the corners wrong and that was no fun. After a long flight I was just tired and wanted to crawl into bed. Speaking of, I’m going to sleep. 🙂


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