Week 1: Start of Classes Part 1

So this post turned out extremely long so it will be split into two parts…

This week has definitely been interesting. Monday was by far the hardest. Something that I definitely took for granted back at Mudd was the male to female ratio. Even though I expected it to be different and that I expected there to be more males then females, it didn’t really hit until I walked into the classroom. But first, I had to get to campus…

Walking to class is no longer a 3-5 minute walk. It’s now a 20-25 minute ordeal up 3 flights of stairs and down 5 and I have to circumvent the construction to get to the building (at least on Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri). Then it’s up the stairs to get to the classroom itself. Monday and Wednesday.. it’s on the ground floor (B004).. but Tuesday and Friday it’s on the 6th floor (644). But here’s the problem…. a lot of buildings here start counting up from B2.. (B2, B1, 1, 2, … etc.) Thursdays are on a different part of campus, so the walk is only 15-20 minutes but the number of flights is still roughly the same to get to the building. Then it’s up to the third floor…

Walking into my first class on Monday, Antenna Engineering, I definitely was super nervous and had no idea what I needed for class or what to expect. 10 minutes before class started, there were 4 guys and me, something that I thought I could deal with. Then, all of a sudden, 5 minutes before classes started another 8 – 10 guys walked in and sat down. It was surprising to be the only female, and only one of two international students. The professor actually spoke English pretty well, but I felt like he was just doing it for the benefit of the two international students. Some of the people around me had packets of the lecture and were following along and the professor talked about YSCEC (the Yonsei equivalent of Sakai). There was just a lot of things going in that I didn’t know, or didn’t know how to get, etc.  Even though I panicked over the fact that I don’t remember very much of my E&M (electricity and magnetism) I think that the class is going to be super interesting and a lot of fun, I also already have my first assignment.

I did get help from the other international student, he taught me about YSCEC and how to access the lecture notes and such and print them. Printing here costs money but it’s pretty cheap. I think that printing around 14 pages cost about ₩750 (~$0.75) so it wasn’t too terrible.

Monday afternoon was the Korean language test and coming out of that test made me realize a) how much Korean I have truly retained and b) how much grammar I don’t know and how much I should expect to learn, which makes me super excited.

Monday night was fun. I went out with some friends and we got some friend chicken which was absolutely delicious. Enough so that I actually went ot the same restaurant the next day with a different group of people.

Mechanical Control Engineering on Tuesday was better. I don’t know if it’s because I expected to be the only female in class or because I had already had a day of classes but I was less panicked going into class. I think I also had the mentality that it was a segway from Big Stems and that I already knew some of the material so Tuesday was less panicked for me. Tuesday afternoon told us what Korean class we got into, and as expected, I got placed into Korean 1. I think that the review will be nice, but I do think that I will learn a lot from the class. We also bought the books and it cost  ₩90,000 (~$90) for 5 books.

As I mentioned earlier, we went to the same chicken restaraunt on Tuesday night but with a different group of people. This time we had fried chicken and beer, which is a common combo here in Korea, enough so that it has it’s on phrase: 치맥 (chi-maek) or CHI-cken and MAEK-ju (maekju is beer in korean). After dinner, I crossed something off my personal bucket list: Getting Samanco. Samanco is a type of ice cream shaped in a fish. It is a combination of vanilla ice and red bean paste, and I’ve heard lots of stories about how delicious it is… and honestly I have to agree. It was SOOO good.

Speaking of bucket lists, my friends and I created one of our own. Then we wrote it up and stuck it on our wall so that we can cross things off as we do them. Some of the things on there include: Gangnam, Banpo Bridge, Jeju Island, Cat/Dog Cafe, Kpop Concert, etc. We also created, for our own benefit a 4 month calendar and for my roommate and myself, a weekly schedule…


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