Week 1: Start of Classes Part 2

Wednesday was Antenna again and I showed up to class only to realize that it was cancelled. What had happened was the professor told us on Monday that he had a conference, but he made it sound like he would still make it to class. It was nice to have the time to myself and Lucas ended up showing me the library. The library here is fantastic. There’s two parts and the building itself is beautiful. The lobby is really big and they have a really awesome system for picking study areas. You have to scan in with your ID to get into the library, but once in you can tap into a system and see which desks on which floors are open. Then you can reserve it for a certain number of hours and it’s yours for that time. It’s nice because then you already know you have a spot to work before you even go to that floor.

Thursday was my one hum course (besides Korean language) and it is supposedly a 3 hour class, but since it was the first day, we went over the syllabus and finished within 40 minutes. That was nice to have that time to relax a bit more before Korean. I honestly cannot remember anything else that was interesting about Thursday haha.

Friday was Mechanical Control Engineering again and we received our first assignment for this class too, but it was review on Laplace and convolution so that wasn’t too terrible. Later that night we took a subway over to Hongdae to see what Hongdae was like, wandering the streets and such to see all the different stores. Hongdae was awesome. The night life here is crazier than the night life in Sinchon. This is where all the clubs are and there are a lot of food and clothes stalls here too. We walked into a couple of stores and tried on cutesie hairbows and show and just window shopped. I also got Jajangmyun for the first time! 🙂

Saturday morning, I got to go to Bukchon Hanok Village (북촌 한옥 마을) with a family friend to see a more traditional looking village. The streets in the morning were really quiet and beautiful and we walked into a couple houses that were set up like museums. The first had little artifacts all around the house, with little shoes and clothes, also an old mortar and pestle and a bunch of cool things about how Koreans used to live farming lives and such. The second house that was set up like a museum so I got to learn a little about Korean funeral rites in the past and the meaning of the little figurines that were included in those rights. Called kokdu, they accompanied the dead into the after life. Those dressed as soldiers protected them along the way, and the females provided peace and care. There were also the entertainers and others who went with the one who passed away to help them along their journey and in their afterlife.

It was a lot of fun to walk around that place and ended up getting to try live octopus for the first time! It was really yummy and way too much food for the both of us. Thank you so much for taking me out and for the delicious meal! Unforetunately I had to come back early since there was an orientation event from 1 – 4 back on campus.

Later that night we wandered around Edae for a little bit and found a Mango Six. Mango Six is the cafe chain that was used in Heirs (a K-Drama) and at the particular one we went to, there was an episode filmed there where TVXQ sat and talked. It was really cool walking around Edae which has a lot of shops for cheap clothes (everything is around ₩10,000 or ~$10 or less), shoes, cosmetics (Edae is right next to Ewha Women’s University). Even later into the night, we tried clubbing for the first time and headed over to Hongdae. We got in for free (the one we went to let females and foreigners in for free if we stayed for at least an hour) and there was a lot of loud music and dancing. It was definitely an interesting atmosphere but it was still fun. When we left (which was pretty late in the night), there were still people waiting in line to go in. People weren’t kidding when the night life in Seoul is crazy.


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