Week 4 Part 1: OT, Movies, and Noraebang

This week was super fun and awesome! There’s so much stuff that happened so far this week and today is going to be great too.

But let’s backtrack a bit… Monday night, in place of 동아리 regular practice, there was an OT, or orientation. It was called 지신밟기 OT. At this OT, all of the pungmul(풍물) clubs in Yonsei, as well as Ewha Women’s University and Hongik University came together. This menat that 8 or so clubs did introductions. Each club went up to the front and the president introduced the club, then each member introduced themselves in Korean. It was interesting because it’s common (at least in the pungmul club) to have nicknames, so instead of introducing yourself by your real name, you introduced yourself by your nickname. For one club, every name ended in the same character so some of them were extremely amusing to listen to, even if I didn’t uderstand them. Since I didn’t have a nickname, I just said that I was a freshman in the TTE pungmul club and passed the mic.

Tuesday’s Mechanical System Controls class was cancelled because a lot of the students had a mandatory schedule they had to go to, dictated by the government. I didn’t know this, but after men complete their service, there are still certain days that they have to go back for a full day for review training or something like that. Either way, a lot of the guys in my class had to do it. Since it was such a significant portion, my professor canceled class. Unforetunately for me, I ended up spending that time doing homework for my Mon/Wed Antenna Engineering class.

Wednesday was pretty cool since we stumbled across a film shooting at the CU convenience store by campus. They were shooting for a show called Let’s Eat 2 featuring a member of B2ST. Sorry to all the fanatics who probably nor Wednesday evening brought a mandatory guest lecture about life in North Korea. Honestly, the lecture was a little bit disappointing, there’s actually not a lot of super new information that I learned. Though to be fair, that might have been tdue to the fact that I was super tired, so I was zoning in and out to the entire first half of the lecture. Sorry!

Thursday’s Philosophy class also got cancelled (the professor called in sick last minute – about 20 minutes before class was going to start, right as I was about to head out). Since I had the time, and I was awake, and I didn’t have any homework to do, Anne, Tyeisha and I went out to watch a movie in theaters. I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend watching 스물 (Twenty). It features Kim Woobin and others, and it was absolutely FANTASTIC. I watched it all in Korean with no English subs, so even though I didn’t understand the majority of what they were saying, I still found it absolutely hilarious. 10 out of 10 would watch again (maybe with subs this time so that I know what the actors are saying this time.. ).

Movie theaters here are a little different from those in the U.S. First, movie theaters are tall, because like many things in Korea, instead of expanding out, buildings go up and down.We went to CGV and I think there were 5 something floors. When you walk in you actually are going upstairs, and no one is at the ticket counter. Even if there is no line, we had to grab a number before someone came over. When you choose your movie, you also pick your seats.Then you cna get snacks and such (as normal) before you head to the correct theater. Instead of receiving a ticket, you just get a receipt that has the number of people watching, the seat number, the floor and the theater number.  Our receipt said B3, but when we read the receipt, we read it wrong and actually went up to the 3rd floor. We got a little lost, but when we finally got in, you show the receipt to the guy outside the door of the theater, and they open it and let you in. Then you’re on your own to find our seat.

Last night was by far the most fun though. We went to a 노래방 (Noraebang aka Karaoke) for the first time. Or rather we went to two different ones. You pay for the room by the hour and sing your heart out for that hour. Usually you get service and they’ll add on time for you, but the first lady wasn’t super nice and we only got 10 minutes of service. The second noraebang that we went to was a lot more spacious and nicer looking for the same price, and she gave us about an hour of service which was super awesome. It was a lot of fun and we definitely sang our hearts out. The lyrics aren’t always correct, but they are super close so it works for us. We belted out those songs. I think the highest score we got was a 98 or something, but you can choose to turn off the scoring system if you want.


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