Week 4 Part 2: 지신밟기 and Ilsan

So much stuff went on this weekend and it was super awesome. I don’t even know if I have a favorite event.

First and foremost, I got to meet up with a friend I haven’t seen since senior year of high school. That makes it… 3 years? He’s been in the army during his mandatory service this past year or so so the connumications been sporadic, but it was great to catch up, even if only for a couple hours. Thanks for meeting up on your weekend off Youngre!

Since I met up with him at Apgujeong Rodeo, I visited Apgujeong Rodeo Street which has a bunch of bear statues with different Kpop artists/groups on it. The street was called K-Star Road and I’m a little disappointed that Big Bang, 2NE1 and some of my favorite artists didn’t have little bears. It was still really cool to walk down the street though. Besides that, I didn’t really wander around that much since I alreayd had another event I was going to that night.

지신밟기 (Jisinpakji) is an event with my 동아리 so with the rest of the TTE club, we put on the costumes and got our instruments so that we could participate in this event. We met up with the rest of the Yonsei pungmul clubs and got ready to head out. 지신밟기 is an annual event where the pungmul clubs go out to different restaurants beating our drums to chase away the bad ghosts and give store owners our blessings. In exchange the restaurants we went to had preopared some food and drink for all of us. First we went to a couple of stores in Sinchon before heading over to Hongdae to meet up with the pungmul clubs of Ewha Women’s University and Hongik University who we met during the OT on Monday.

Once in Hongdae, we did a big performance with everyone and we were running around. The beginning was first sending the club wishes into the sky so there was a drum and a reading, before someone from each club lit their letters on fire and threw them into the sky. Afterwards, we ran around the performance area and curcled around, following one of the many pungmul dance patterms. Officilly I hadn’t learned the beat or anything else yet, but it wans’t too hard to catch on. After the big performances, each instrument had their own individual performance. A group of people playing the same instrument did a performance, and each one averaged 10 minutes which is pretty impressive especially since all of us had all been out running and drumming since 4 pm and by that time it was 7 or 8.

After all the performances were over, it was time for the food. After chaning, we all went to a place in Hongdae for dinner and had delicious food and drink. Some people stayed later than we did and probalby went to Round 2 and 3 and such but we bailed around midnight or so. It was super fun and yummy and I’m so glad we got to participate.

Yesterday was it’s own level of fun. In the morning, I went with some friends a got a haircut. They straightened my hair for me too and I got to spend the rest of the day remembering what it’s like having super straight hair. After we all got our hair done and stuff, I went to Ilsan with the Yonsei Global One Shot.

Yonsei Global (YG) is a organization for international students. The plan events such LE (Language Exchange), OS (One Shot), Movie Cinema and YG Angel (a volunteering subgroup) among others. I am only a part of YG LE and YG OS. For One Shot, they plan three outings to places that “are good for taking pictures to foreign students”.  Each place, they give us a mission to complete if you want, and if you do you can win a prize. Anyways, the first of the OS places this time was Ilsan Aqua Planet and Lake and the mission was to take a picture with the beaver and a picture with the capybara.

The aquarium was super awesome and the otters were super cute. It took us forever to take a picture with the beavers because they kept moving around so much. The jellyfish and capybara were wayyy to adorable. The lake was a bit diappointing though. I think it had in part to do with the fact that there really was nothing there when we went. There was no flowers out yet, but it was still a really nice view. Afterwards, we ended up on the same bus as one of the CIEE Seoulmates who had planned a small group event so I ended up joining them for dinner.

Dinner was super interesting. We went to a Zombie Bar. This meant that the theme was all zombies. The call buttons were light sticks, there was a fence and fake legs. Then roughly every hour the music would change, the lights would change and the fog machines would turn on. Then the zombies would come out, some of them with bats and go scaring the customers. They would bang on the fance with the bats and get right up in people’s business. It was really interesting and super fun to take part in. The second time tey came out, halfway through, the music suddenly changed to club music from the scary music and the zombies started dancing to Big Bang and stuff. It was extremely entertaining.

Later we went to a noraebang again which was nice, but I had to leave early because I didn’t finish my work… which is what I should be doing now too. ㅠㅠ.


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