Week 5: Hongdae, Ilsan Round 2 and Studio Ghibli

Thursday was fun. I had my normal volunteering event with my adorable little mentee then since it was raining, we decided it called for some food that works well with the rain so we found a little restaurant and had some 부침개 (buchimgae) and 막걸리 (makkoli/makgeoli), which according to my local friends is what you should eat on a rainy day. Either way, it was absolutely delicious. Afterwards some friends braved the rain and met us in Sinchon to hang out some more.

Friday, we changed our teachers in Korean and so we had to say bye to 이 선생님 (Lee Seonsaengnim or Teacher Lee). I realized that I never explained the way my Korean class is set up… so here goes:

We use three books for the entire week. One lesson book for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and then a reading book and workbook on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Since each class is two hours long, it’s often split into the first hour and second hour. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are taught by one teacher and we learn the lesson and practice reading and saying each line outloud one by one. Then in the second hour, we go over the grammar points. Sometimes, depending on how fast we read, we start learning the grammar in the first hour. Tuesdays and Thursdays are taught by a second teacher and they teach a lesson from the reading book, then during the second hour we complete pages in our workbooks.

Our Mon, Wed, Fri teacher changes every month I guess, but  our Tues, Thurs teacher stays the same. I’m not entirely sure why, but we said bye to 이 선생님 and took some pictures with her.

Friday night, after classes, we hit up Hongdae and hung out there. We ate delicous 닭갈비 (dakkalbi/dakgalbi) or a spicy chicken dish. then afterwards, we got our signature dessert dish: bingsu! It was a nice night to walk around and we listened and watched some of the street preformances. Mostly it was fun to just hang around with friends.

Saturday was a lot of fun. I went back to Ilsan, but this time with a different group to learn about couple culture! The Seoulmates planned an event at the Ilsan Lake Park. Before we left, we had a powerpoint about the different phrases used in Korean dating culture, and we learned about the timeline. It’s actually really short: you confess, then you get together. Then we all paired up guy-girl to be “couples” for the day. There weren’t enough guys though, so I got paired with a girl and it was sitll a lot of fun. In Ilsan, we played the pepero game and the paper game. Both of which are a lot of fun and if you take pictures, they can look like people are kissing.

Quick game explanations:

  • The pepero game: Two people eat from opposite ends of a pepero stick (a pretzel like stick covered in chocolate), they try to make the smallest possible stick left over without touching the other individual. The team with the smallest pepero left wins
  • The paper game: A line of people stand in a row with a stack of paper (we used origami) at one end. The goal is to get as many papers to the end of the row by transporting the paper by mouth between individuals.

After the event, I went with some of the Seoulmates and we went back to Sinchon, but first we stopped by the Kyobo bookstore and I bought a couple of books in Korean. Hopefully I can find the time to read them and learn some Korean on my own by reading them. We also got some bingsu (of course).

Sunday was kind of fun. Since midterms are coming up soon (April 16 is when they start), we spent part of the day at a cafe. Then in the afternoon, I met up with some different friends and went to a Studio Ghibli exhibition since it was the last day. Seeing all of it makes me want to rewatch a lot of the movies, and I really want to see the ones that I never got to watch.

After the Ghibli exhibition, I came back and grabbed dinner, then my friends and I started to plan a trip to Busan. Hopefully all the plans work out and we can make go!

So I realized that I can’t put up a lot of my Ilsan Round 2 photos because I’ve been asked not to share them on social media, but there are some.


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