Week 7: Midterms Week, Gapyeong and Bungee Jumping

This week has definitely been stressful. Midterms officially started on Thursday and I has two exams right off the bat. I guess the first thing I’ll do is rant about them, so if you don’t want to hear it, just skip this next paragraph~

Those tests. Where do I even start? Well first off, let’s be unhappy about the fact that it was raining really hard that day so when I got to the tests my shoes and socks and bottom of my pants were soaked through. I had the Antenna exam at 1 pm and the mechanical one at 4. Antenna was by far the one that I was worried about the most and that’s where I did the most studying. The midterm itself was just sad. I was nowhere close to done and I definitely don’t feel confident in any of my answers. Even if I got everything correct on the parts I did finish, I’m pretty sure the highest I can get is still straight up failing. The mechanical one.. had three problems total. I finished the first one didn’t touch the last one and got halfway through the second. It was frustrating because I knew that I knew how to solve the problems. I think that after the antenna one, my brain was just dead and I was too uncomfortable wet. I also hought that I would have a full 2 hours on the test and not just an hour and a half. Let’s just say I was a little panicked when they said there was only 30 minutes left instead of saying that there was an hour to go. On the way back to the dorms, I realized that I had made a couple of simple mistakes in the first problem that carried through every single part. So I hope that they grade the way they do in the states: as long as you know the process, if you make a couple of simple mistakes, you’ll get docked a few points for the time you made the mistake, but not for every following part. Eitherway… assuming that I get everything correct, which I know I won’t, the gihest score I could get is maybe like a 60.. so I’m shooting for a 50? Either way, I hope they curve the test. Anyways I’m done ranting for now. I’ve already cried about it multiple times so I’ll just move on.

After the terribleness that was Thursday, all I have left is the Korean exams today through Wed, and a paper for philosophy due Thursday morning. Korean has been mostly review for me so far so I’m not too worried about it. It’s probably why I haven’t done very much studying for it and why I went to Gapyeong this weekend.

The reason for the semi-spontaneous trip to Gapyeong is because Friday and Saturday therewas a beer festival in the Cheongpyeong area. Some of us left early (Paige, Melissa, Hafsah, Jiwon and Anne) and went on Friday to go check it out then. I went with Jenn saturday morning to meet up with them and to spend Saturday and possibly Sunday together. At the time, we hadn’t decided if we were going to spend the night.

We met up around lunch time and after grabbing food, found a little store and browsed for a bit. Bought some bubbles and explored the little knicknacks. Then there was a fruit truck and I bought myself a bag of oranges. They were super sweet and delicious even if they were a bit on the small side. We then hung out in a cute little coffee shop in the Gapyeong area. How we chose the cafe? There was a cute little colgi inside the store and we were watching him and finally just decided to go in when the owner actually brought the guy out for us to pet. The ice cream there was top notch and we got little drinks as well. We hung out for about an hour and when we left, since the owner was so nice I gave her some oranges. Then of course, me being me, in the process of giving them to her, I managed to drop one. ㅠㅠ

After we left, we headed over to Namisom and went bungee jumping. Hafsah and Jenn didn’t go but the other five of us did. I was maybe a little too excited.. or perhaps it was the nervousness talking but I definitely don’t regret. doing it. We did it over the water and we were strapped in through the chest. I’m pretty sure they didn’t allow the ankle ones unless you had previous experience or something. Either way, I’m not entirely sure I would have done it anyways.

Once they hook you up, you stand on the edge of the platform with your feet half over and they tell you they will count to 5 before yelling bungee and that’s when you jump. You need to have your arms out in front of you and jump away from the platform. Me being me, I jumped out and down so I went head first. There’s a little bit of regret there because I definitely screamed without realizing it and kept my eyes open for most of the way down. They said we had to cover our face for the first bounce back but after that it was fine. I didn’t flail too bad which I’m kind of proud of. 😛 The entire jump was around a minute or less but it definitely felt longer, at some point it was just a swing as I was going back and forth before they pulled me down into the boat.

Dinner was next and boy were some of us fangirling over the waiter. What is it with so many attractive people tabling at restaurant? We had some 닭갈비 seeing as how that was what the majority of the stores were (we think it’s the area where it originated so that wouldn’t surprise me), and finally got our hands on some honey butter chips. I can see the appeal and why they are so popular.

We decided not to spend the night since we were all pretty tired but it’s definitely a weekend I won’t forget.

PICTURES TO COME! (SORRY GUYS) For those of you who are my facebook friends, they are already posted~ just look for the correct week~


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