Week 8: Jajangmyun, 노량진, and Midterms

Sunday night was Jajangmyun party night. The eight of us mass ordered delivery jajangmyun and took over 4th floor lounge for a jajang party. Some of us wanted a little kick to our meal so a little green bottle made its way under the table. Safe to say that most of us were relaxing as the only midterms left for most of us were the Korean language exams. It was definitely a great conclusion to the weekend and the entire gang was there (Paige, Anne, Melissa, Hafsah, Jenn, Rena, Jiwon and I). It’s rare for Jiwon to join us, usually because we hang in the lounge after 10 pm when no guys are allowed on the girls’ floors.

How the exams worked: Monday was speaking exam, sometime last week we were all given a time to come in one -on-one to go speak with our teacher. Each person only got 7-8 minutes  and the questions were pretty directed. Tuesday is the reading and listening exams and Wednesday was the writing exam. The reading, writing and listening exams were all an hour long and pretty straightforward. All of the exams started at 4 pm. The were all very similar to the practice exams that we were given as practice.

Honestly I wasn’t too worried and Monday night some of us went to a 노래방 (noraebang) to sing our hearts.  Tuesday saw Hafsah, Paige, Anne and I at노량진 (Noryangjin) or the open fish marketplace in Seoul. The fish market was a lot of fun. They had so many different types of seafood and it was all very fresh. While they have a lot of open stalls, along the sides, they have places where you can cook and eat the seafood on the spot, although those were usually connected to a specific vendor. They also had a basement where there was a restaurant that made a wider range of food and once you brought the seafood, you could bring it down there and order off the menu how you wanted it made.

We actually bought some 산낙지 (san-nakji) or live octupus for us to try. We found a vendor who sold us some octopus and afterwards went downstairs to get it prepared for us. We bought a couple so we decided to eat one line and cook the others into a delicious dish. I actually like the taste of live octopus a lot. This was the second time I ate it and it was definitely tastier than the first time I got to try it. I actually think I ended up eating most of it, but I’m not going to complain. When you eat the live octopus, you dip it in a sesame oil-salt mix. The salt for a little bit of flavor and the sesame to coat the octopus so that it doesn’t stick on the way down your throat. However, it made it really hard to pick up and all four of us struggled a lot. First was picking up the octopus itself since it liked to suction to the plate, but once you dipped it in the oil, it was the slipperiest thing ever to grab with metal chopsticks.

Wednesday night was… bad decisions galore. Procrastinating, as usual, led to a late night for essay writing to churn out a paper for philosophy, which led to spam texts and calls on my phone as friends tried to wake me up in order to go to class and turn it in. Luckily I have awesome friends who find ways to get people into my room and me out of bed. (Shoutout to Jiwon, Tyeisha, Chang and Anne).

Club practices started back up tonight as well, with practices every day since we have a big performance coming up in May.

As always, pictures to come. :/


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