Week 8: RapBeat Show, Avengers 2 and Myeongdong

Where do I even start??? I don’t even know how to start describing my Friday night. Awesome. Fun. Sweaty. Loud. Fantastic.  I feel like all these words and anything else I cme up with doesn’t do the RapBeat Show justice.

I originally went for one artist, and one artist only: Epik High. However, I have now gained another new favorite by the name of Loco… and Gray… but mostly Loco. The night was crazy but super fun. Those of us who had tickets left Korean class early that day to make it to the venue on time. There we picked up our tickets and got in line. Unlike other concerts I’ve been too, this one had no seats. It was stage and mosh pit o nly… an interesting and crazy experience. We got as close to the stage as we could, but as the night progressed, we got pushed around a lot and really up close with the people around us. Up first were a couple of groups I don’t know, nor do I remember (sorry guys) but they were pretty good. They knew how to bring up the vibe of the room so that’s always good. Block B came out for a while and thats when the pushing and shoving got really crazy for a while. I think because of it they didn’t really perform for very long, but there’s really not much they could. They even paused the show and told everyone to take a step back and to stop pushing, but once the music came back, so did the squishing.

Loco and Gray… at this point in time, I can only fan girl over Loco. Maybe because post-show, I did what I probably should have done beforehand and looked the other artists who were performing and their music. Loco and Gray… I fell in love with them on stage, and looking them up again later on only solidified that. 😛 Especially Loco.

Back to the ending group and the reason we were there: Epik High~ Absolutely the best. They really know what they are doing and their music is on point. I took too many pictures and videos and got splashed with water when they sprayed their water bottles. They came out for an encore and even though I couldn’t understand all of the Korean they were saying it was still pretty easy to tell when they were joking around.Their music was on point and I’m so glad that I went, even if I did get a little squished and pushed around by the crowd.

The night didn’t end there though, later on we went out again to Hongdae for a night out with friends. Rena’s first clubbing experience: success. It was a lot of fun and we spam selfied on each other’s phones. Definitely a night to remember~

Saturday once again brought 동아리it was more intense as we practiced entire segments of the dance. Starting from Friday things just kept going but that didn’t stop me. After practice, Paige and I hopped on the subway to head over to the Han River and meet up with some of the CIEE Seoulmates and their small groups. They had planned a small meet up to hang out and enjoy 치맥 ( chi-maek : chicken and beer for those who can’t remember :P) However, by the time we got there, there was no food left and they were headed back to Sinchon, where e had just come from. A little unforetunate but we hung out with them for a little longer and got to eat some delicious foods. Definitely a recommendation on my list byt there’s a little place in Sinchon where you can get spicy octopus/squid (I still don’t know which) and you get a cheese fondue on the side that you can dip it in. It’s absolutely great and get some 그림막걸리 (cream makkeoli). Chilled and mixed, cream makkeoli definitely tops the list as one of my favorite drinks, and I’m definitely going back.

Paige and I bailed dinner early to catch a movie with the crew though so we booked it to Mega-Box (a movie theater – description of a theater can be found in this blog post). We actually ran a little late and Rena had to send a copy of the receipt to us since they had already gone in. When we got there, the guy at the door asked for our receipt and for some reason both Paige and I found it a little amusing and embarrassing since we had to explain why we only had a picture. The guy was like “oh, you are the two friends”. Anyways, we went to go watch the new Avengers movie. I liked it and it because it was an English movie, they had Korean subtitles for the entire thing. While I couldn’t read everything it said, it was amusing sometimes because they couldn’t catch all the random little phrases.

Sunday brought Myeongdong fun and we got to wander the famous shopping streets. Paige brought me to a shop she found the other time that held “refridgerator” pants. Which in reality are just really comfy pants with pockets that are stretchy. Why they are called “refridgerator” pants, go ask Paige. But in Myeongdong I also bought my first snapback. A goal I had since I arrived in Korea. So YAY accomplishments.

This morning I went to the embassy to pick up my alien registration card so that was fun. It means that I can legally stay until Sept 30 instead of what the single-entry visa in my passport says. It’s also a multi-entry which means that if I want to travel in and out of Korea during my time here, I can do that without worrying about visa problems.

Classes now, bye~ I wonder if we’ll get our midterms back today… I’m a little worried.



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