Week 9: Scores, Korean Class Dinner and Weekend Fun

Midterm scores. I kind of expected scores that weren’t super high because of how I think I did, but even still I’m extremely disappointed in myself and there’s a lot of pressure now. For one class, it’s super frustrating because even when I ask for help and receive it, there’s still a big part that I just don’t think I understand at all. I just go through the motions and need to understand more of the why. The Controls class… I honestly got so mad at myself. The concepts we learn in  class are understandable and I’m usually explaining parts of the problem sets to the two other exchange students in the class… but when it came to the test. I don’t know what happened. It might have been that it was right after the Antenna exam and so I was brain dead, or that my pants and shoes were soaked in water and I just didn’t feel comfortable. Either way, I didn’t finish the test. I walked out thinking I wasn’t going to do super well, but that it wouldn’t be terrible. By the time I got back to the dorm, I realized I made some simple arithmetic errors and just hoped that they graded based on concept understanding and not just on final answers.

Well… that was definitely not the case. The grades are based partially on the process and partially on the final answer. So not only did I lose points for not answering questions, but I lost points for having the wrong answer even though I had the correct process. It was extremely frustrating for me to get that score back. I don’t want to elaborate more here since this post well then just be a rant and I’d rather update about some other things as well. Shout out to my friends both here and back home in the states who let me rant and talk through it.

Moving on. Wednesday was a lot of fun. My Korean class planned a dinner outing with our teachers and so they took us to this really small shop on the second floor of a building in Sinchon. This place had super awesome budaejigae and fancy fries and everything was super delicious. There was honey fries and cheese fries and the budaejigae had delicious ramen and veggies and sausages. There were so many different types of fries and all of them were super loaded with the different sauces that they all had. The budaejigae definitely had a little kick to it, but I totally want to go again it was so good. It was such a small cute little restaurant too. It was a little rough going in the beginning since they aren’t really good for groups of 20 but it was still a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed it.

On Thursday, 선생님 made 김밥 (kimbap) for  us so that was super yummy. Thursday was also essentially the start of the weekend. After volunteering, Paige and I joined Hojoong, Sam, etc to go celebrate Ian’s birthday. It was definitely awkward in the beginning because Paige and I don’t normally hang out with them and so we were still debating whether or not we should stay when we walked into the restaurant. We ended up staying anyways and we had a lot of fun. It was the first time I had seen a somaek tower so that was pretty cool. Somaek (소맥) is a mix of soju and beer (maek ju – 맥주) and the tower aspect is that it’s 750 mL (at least) of the mix and so it has a little tap so that people can refill their drinks at their tables. It was super amusing since Paige and I were the only ones from our original group who was there so Andy was asking where Anne was because “she can drink”. It was fun watching everyone drink, I learned about the 병신 샷 (pyeongsin shot) which you take when you say something stupid. Then we went out to a 노래방 where we met up with Melissa and Hafsah and watched everyone sing and be crazy. Thoroughly entertained, and found out some of these guys are actually really decent singers haha.

After classes and drumming practice on Friday, I went out clubbing with Paige, Melissa, Hafsah, Jiwon and Rena which is always fun. We usually go to clubs that are free entry for the girls so that was nice. Paige lost her wallet and so we spent time trying to see if we could find it but couldn’t so that was bummer. We went back and forth between the place she last used it and the place where she noticed it was missing but couldn’t find it. We were worried it might be in one of the clubs we went to since we tend to club hop but it wasn’t there. The one where she noticed it missing too was kind of empty so we could actually see the floor and it wasn’t there. Having lost my wallet before in China it was definitely not an experience I enjoyed and so it really sucks for her. I wanted to get her a new wallet or something since my friends did that for me when I lost mine in China and it definitely made things seem better, it’s even the wallet that I use now. However, Paige went to some event on Saturday where she received one of the nicer card holder things and so she ended up using that.

Saturday was more practice then I did some shopping in Edae before meeting up with everyone Sat night for some late night chicken. Sunday was pretty tame. Paige, Jiwon and I had practice again for club and then we hung out with them for the rest of the night so that was fun. They have places they go to all the time and so it was really nice going there with them and getting to join them in their fun. We had 막걸리 (makkeoli) and food and all  lot of other delicious stuff.  I’m not excited for class later today but is anyone ever?


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