Apologies and Things From Korea

First and foremost, I want to apologize that I left this blog half complete. I got quite behind on it and never did end up catching up. I have so many drafts ready and I kept a google calendar of all the things I did so that besides the pictures I took I could remember what Korea was like. Maybe by the end of this year I’ll be able to go through and at least get all the big stuff in and all the emotions I remember. Since it’s been a year many of the small details are probably gone, but I want to get it all down before I forget even more.

On a side note, there are a few things from Korea that never left:

  1. The friends: our group chat is still so active and I absolutely love it. We keep each other updated, make jokes, etc. Instead of messaging about where we are going to meet up or plans for the weekend, we keep updated about happenings in our parts of the world, random thoughts, songs, etc. There’s also the local friends I made there who I still talk to today in a mix of English and Korean, learning about each other’s cultures and just generally chatting.
  2. The language: Since I still talk to friends abroad, and I still love Korea, the language has stayed (for the most part). There’s some grammar points that I’ve forgotten, or maybe some vocab/spelling, but I’ve picked up a lot too through conversations, dramas, songs, etc.
  3. The food: At this point, if you exclude the desserts I make, I’m pretty sure I know how to make more Korean dishes than any other kind of dish. It’s quite fantastic.
  4. The music/dramas/etc: I had this one going in and it has stayed.
  5. Confidence/Independence: I’m not saying that I got all my confidence in Korea but you gain a certain mindset when you’re in a country whose language you don’t speak well without family. Yes, I was with people who spoke English well and who knew Korean better than me so could help me out, but I still feel like the next time I go to a country that I don’t know well, I can find a way to get by and have fun.
  6. There’s probably many more that I can think of but I’m a little brain dead now.

The poor number of posts that are still in draft mode: drafts

An example of a week from my calendar that has both my classes and also the stuff I did outside of class. This one is Week 11: Akaraka that is still stuck in draft mode… calendar